22 new quality control tools
in screen printing

Serilor®LOG by Joël GARNAUD

All the products included in the serilor® LOG were created by Joël GARNAUD 
who has many years of experience both as a professional 
photoengraver and screenprinter (on any substrates).

The 2002 serilor®LOG KIT contents 22 new tools even more accurate 
than in the previous version and with easiest use.

The serilor® LOG is produced and sold in France by Garnaud Communication.

This new version was made for graphic, textile or industrial screenprinters in order to :

  • Master the pre-press parameters
  • Control and correct the printing
  • Improve their printing limits
  • Progress
  • Acquire new techniques
  • Communicate with the photoengraver not to «suffer» the films anymore
  • Reduce production costs.
Some screenprinters want now to go further. Until today, some others did not print halftones, or only « rough » lines. The improvement of the image technologies and customers' requirements will more and more «oblige» the screenprinters to refine their technics, even for industrial applications.

A great deal of controls, measures and solutions to meet these needs are possible thanks to the numerous serilor® LOG tools.

The new version of the MOIRE STOP remains the first achievement of the KIT. 
It radically prevents and avoids the unwanted interferences between the raster lines and the mesh threads, whatever their value. Any combinations are visually represented. 
No calculation is necessary.

a) If you don't have any choice about the films (raster and angles), you will know which mesh counts to use.

b) If you want to use a specific screen, you will be able to select suitable angles and rasters.

Two new tools will help you to make the right choices : the MESH and DOT CALC.

The MESH CALC reads thread by thread the mesh counts from 40 to 180 threads/cm (102 to 457/inch). This might show quite different values from the mesh you thought, because of manufacturing tolerances, tension and abrasion).

The DOT CALC reads dot by dot the dot counts from 40 to 350 l/inch (16 to 138 l/cm). 
The DOT CALC allows the reading of these « extreme » values even on the films to be enlarged. You will thus be able to check the dot counts 
(sometimes different from the requested oneä).

The reading of these 2 tools required a few seconds, even on a four-colour printed document A protractor indicates the angle (raster and mesh).

Superimpose the 2 precise values, measured or required (mesh count and line count) on the MOIRE STOP. You will immediately see, without calculation, the potential presence of moire, at the same time on the four colours, cyan, magenta, yellow or black, at standard angles. 
If moire shows, the MOIRE STOP will teach you other solutions.

The serilor® LOG KIT also includes a set of printing tests generally intended for measuring printing variables, their interaction and your printing limits. The serilor® LOG KIT is used in numerous school in Europe and in the States as a « standard » for quality control.

The HALFTONE TEST range : a) basic, b) advanced or c) expert, allows you, according to your experience (or your needs), to select the right dot count. The potential dot loss or gain at extreme values will immedialely catch your eye. These tests are self-teaching, without calculation. Thanks to the HALFTONE TEST, you and your staff will be able to standardize your procedures. It will enable you to build up a constructive dialog with your reprographer for possible compensations.

The following tools allow the same controls, but for other applications.

The FONT TEST for analysing different fonts and styles, positive or reverse.

The LINE TEST includes geometric targets covering the whole range of difficulties.

The POINT TEST shows different elliptic, round, square, FM, lined patterns and their consequences on printing.

The FM TEST allows a better knowledge of FM or stochastic pattern. Unfortunately, the moire is also likely to occur.

The COLOR TEST made for screen printing is similar to the control strip used in offset. Beside to the printing, it allows controlling the register, the tone values and covering.

The MULTI TEST synthetizes most of the above elements.

Other tools will enable you to improve yourself : MOIRE DEMO, X CALC, ANGLE CALC, VARIABLE REGISTERä

The serilor®LOG, PRINT CONTROL, MOIRE STOP is supplied with an instructions manual in a Priplak® binder.

Joël GARNAUD, certified trainer in France, helds technical seminars about photoengraving adapted to your screen printing and about defects analysis, controls and solutionsä

Garnaud communication will be present at the following Fairs : FESPA and SGIA

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